Take back control of your profits and branding with your own professional online store.

Easy setup with complete customization, under your control.

You have full control to add / edit / update your menu items and prices within your website and app. Not only that – the full system is branded using your own logo and colour scheme so you do not lose your identity with your loyal hungrrry customers.

  • We will contact you to obtain information, so we can begin to design your online store.
  • A team of web developers will design you a uniquely crafted webpage and app, branded just the way you like it!
  • A Hungrrr professional will assist you with the setup of a printer and tablet, and teach you how to use it.
  • We will provide you with full training on how to manage your website and Menu, so you can make changes whenever you like!

Orders are delivered directly to you, via SIM activated printer and/or email.

At the point that your website and/or mobile phone apps are ready to go live, we will also set up your printer, ensuring that your kitchen and team are ready to start taking orders from all of your Hungrrry customers.

  • Direct to your Bluetooth printer via SIM connected tablet.
  • You also have the option to receive orders via email as a backup.
  • Tablet, printer and setup included in set-up cost.
  • Support on hand 24/7 for any printer-related issues.

Take orders securely online and via mobile phone App

Using our expertise in web applications and online payments, we have created a very simple process enabling you to take orders from your customers in no time, all via your own branded website and app. 

  • Payment gateways are set up using Stripe or Paypal, whichever you prefer.
  • The money from your online transactions will be deposited direct into your own bank account.
  • Have peace of mind knowing that your online store is managed by a world class provider!

Maintain full control over your online store!

Hungrrr is different than other food-ordering companies - we believe that you should be in full control of your online store! With our system, you have the ability to change information on your webpage and app at any time…

  • Add, edit, or delete a menu item at any time, by yourself.
  • Update your delivery features, and store information.
  • Add promotions or coupons at any time.
  • Manage your own transactions and refunds.

Your own customer database!

Every time one of your hungrrry customers orders from your online store, their information is collected. This information is yours exclusively, and is guaranteed safe and secure!

  • Contact your loyal hungrrry customers via email or SMS with offers and promotions.
  • Target your customers based on location or food preferences.
  • You are in full control of your customers data!
  • At Hungrrr we will never distribute this information, it is yours exclusively.

Manage your orders from one restaurant location, or multiple, with state-of-the-art postal code technology

Our experts at Hungrrr have created a system that is compatible with one, or multiple, restaurant locations. Your website and mobile app can be setup to direct your customers to the store nearest to them, based on their postal code.

  • Serve your customers from the location nearest to them, based on their postal code.
  • Your orders will be sent to the appropriate store, based on what is closest to the customer!
  • Different locations can offer different delivery prices.
  • Start with one location, and add more at any time!

All transactions come directly to you!

During setup, we will guide you through creation of your own payment gateway via Stripe or Paypal.

  • Recieve payments quickly, and securely.
  • You have full control of your banking!
  • Payments are deposited directly into your account!
  • With Hungrrr, you have the peace of mind knowing you will pay no commission on your orders… EVER!

Get started today!

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